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There are 5 sections to set up a Home Page. Go to Dashboard => Theme Options => Home

Slider Setup

Theme uses Flexslider which is a responsive slider and you can learn more about it here. Settings are pretty much self explanatory.


  1. Upload your slider ( Preferred size is 1200 x 450 pixels )
  2. Enter Caption for slider. HTML is allowed.
  3. Not Needed By Right Clicking on Image, you'll get a context menu and from that choose "Copy Image Location". Paste it in this field.
  4. After adding many slides, if you wish to delete one slide click here.
  5. Click on Add Slide button to add as many slides as you wish.

Setting Up Services Section

Here is list of Icons which is useful to grab icon names

  1. Select Icon to be used from the dropdown.
  2. Enter tab content. HTML allowed.
  3. Repeat the step for other services.
  4. Click Save Changes when done.

Features Section

Enter the List like Features and Why Us? . Information should be in HTML.

Setting Up Skill Section

  1. Enter the heading of the skill list.
  2. Enter the Name of the Skills.
  3. Set the skill percentage from 0 to 100.
  4. Select icon that represents skills.
  5. Repeat the step for other skills.
  6. Click Save Changes when done.

Homepage Layout Section

  1. Organize how you want the layout to appear on the homepage.
  2. Arrange the section Which you want first and second and last in homepage. If you want to display recent posts for first section in home Page, just drag Recent Posts button from Disabled column to Enabled column in Layout Manager. There is no other settings here.
    • These features are available in Abaris-Pro.
    • Enable Use Page Builder Please note that this will just ignore all those settings above and you've to use Page Builder to create layout and enter content.
    • Enter Flexslider shortcode you want to use on home page
  3. Click Save Changes when done.