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Upgrade From Free to Pro Version

I assume that you're already setup a site using Free version of Boxy.

If not please follow one of 2 other methods to setup site.

  1. Start building site from Scratch
  2. Setup Demo like site with Dummy Content

Here I'm going to explain how you can upgrade from free to Pro version. Please note that your home page settings will be lost after activating Boxy Pro theme for greater good.

Setting up Home Page

  1. Setup Flex Slider
  2. Goto Dashboard => Theme Options => Home
    at bottom, you'll find Enter Flex Slider shortcode field. Paste Flex slider shortcode in it.
  3. Save Changes
  4. Goto Dashboard => Appearance => Home Page
  5. Click On
  6. Save Changes
  7. Note: If the widgets are appear different than above screenshot, you can apply "Default Home" page layout by clicking on brush icon and select it from dropdown menu.
  8. Note: You need to add Skills, Testimonials and Projects to fill the blank areas.
  9. Next Step: Learn to Use Page Builder