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How to use page builder

  1. Click on Page Builder in edit screen

  2. There are 7 parts in page builder editor

    1. Adding a row and columns

      Think of rows as individual sections in your page, for example services icons section on home page. By clicking this button, you're presented with a popup that prompts you to enter no. of columns. Enter number and click Add

    2. Adding a widget

      To add widget to a particular column, select it by clicking on it, it highlights, and then click on Add widget button. By clicking, you're presented with a popup that contains all the available widgets to you to use. Select a widget from list of widgets, fill in details / select options for that widget. Click Done

      After adding a widget you can do 3 things with it. 1) Edit 2) Duplicate 3) Delete These options are available to you when you move mouse over the widget

    3. Prebuild layout option, which you don't need with this theme
    4. Click on this button to delete the row
    5. Visual Style. By clicking this you can select a visual style for this particular row.
    6. Click, hold and Drag to desired location. Useful to rearrange your sections of a page.
    7. Row and columns. Image represents a row with single column