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Using Flex Slider Settings

Goto Dashboard => Appearance => Theme Options => Flex Slider

This panel lets you to choose the behaviour of Flex Slider

    These features are available in Brawny Pro Version
  1. Animation option lets you to choose the effect of slider aniamtion. Available options are Slide and Fade
  2. If you choose Slide as you animation option, then you could choose direction here. Available options are Horizontal and Vertical
  3. Set Slideshow Speed here. Note that this is duration between animations.
  4. Set Animation Speed here. Note that this determines how fast / slow the animation will occur.
  5. You can choose Slideshow to run automatically, or only when use click navigation.
  6. You can choose whether the flexslider should automatically adjust the height of slideshow according to slide or not.
  7. Show / Hide Previous / Next navigation buttons on slides.
  8. Choose whether to show Slide Pagination or hide it.
  9. Enable / Disable Keyboard navigation for slideshow. Pressing Right arrow key shows Next slide and Left arrow key shows Previous slide.
  10. Mouse Wheel Navigation lets you to show next / previous slides depends on mouse wheel scrolling direction
  11. Pause / Play Enable / Disable the "Pause/Play" event
  12. Random Slides Lets you to choose whether to display random slides or in same order the slides are present.
  13. Determines what to do when slideshow reaches last slide. Loop Slideshow You can restart or stop at the end.
  14. If Auto Slideshow is your choice, you may want to Pause on Action. i.e. You can pause slideshow when user uses slide navigation.
  15. If Auto Slideshow is your choice, you may want to Pause on Hover. i.e. You can pause slideshow when user hover over the caption of your slide. For example, it may be a "Buy Now" button.
  16. These 4 fields lets you to set the text for Play, Pause, Next and Previous Buttons
  17. Click Save Changes when you're done with settings