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Install Brawny Free Version


  1. A WordPress installation

Installing Brawny Theme

  1. Download Theme Zip File From page
  2. Login to WordPress Dashboard
  3. Goto Dashboard => Appearance => Themes. And click on Add New

  4. Click on Upload Theme

  5. Click on Choose File

  6. Browse and select the theme zip

  7. Click on Install Now

  8. Click on Activate link

Setting Up Home Page

  1. Go to Dashboard => Pages => Add New
  2. Create 2 pages. e.g. Home Page and Blog
  3. Go to Dashboard => Settings => Reading

    1. 1. Select 'A static page' option
    2. Select 'Home Page' from Front Page drop down menu
    3. Select 'Blog' from Posts Page drop down menu
  4. Save Changes
  5. Next Step: Continue to Setup Home Page