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Setting up site from scratch

Setting Up Product Page

    1. Goto Products => Add Product
    2. Enter the Product Name.
    3. Enter the description of the product.
    4. Enter the Product Type from the dropdown list. Available Product types are Simple Product, Grouped Product,External/Affiliate Product,Variable Product.
    5. Select Product category.
    6. Enter the Product Regular Price.
    7. Enter the Product Sales Price.
    8. Enter the Product Tags
    9. Upload Features Image
    10. Upload Product Gallery Image
      • Click Add New Custom Field
      • Selct the Name from the drop down list.
      • Enter the value.
      • If you need more custom field , then you will click Add Custom Field
    11. Enter the short description about the product.
  • Repeat the process for additional Products.
  • Further Settings

    Now all content is there, but you still need to tweak some settings

    1. Goto Dashboard => WooCommerce => Settings => Products => Display
    2. Select Shop in the dropdown list from shop page option.