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Upgrade From Free to Pro Version

If you want to retain your settings from free version, then please read these steps.

There are two ways to store settings in WordPress Settings API and Customizer API. Settings API is same as plugin options and is available to all themes, whereas Customizer API is theme specific and its only available to current theme. So it is not possible to fetch old settings and store it in new theme.

However, all the customizer options available in free theme is also available in Pro version. To retain Home Page settings, Go to Customizer => Theme Options => Home Panel




HomePage Setup


  1. Create Posts and Select Slider which category post slider you want to display in homepage.
  2. Enter number of slides to display on Home Page
  3. Create Pages and Select Service #1 from the dropdown page list.
  4. Select the page for Service #2
  5. Similarly Select the page for Service #3
  6. Enter number of recent post to display on the home page.
  7. Click Save & Publish.

If you would like to have different layout for home page, then you can use Page Builder

  1. Goto Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => Home
  2. Enable use pagebuilder option
  3. Enter Flex Slider shortcode field. Paste Flex slider shortcode in it.
  4. Goto Home page ( Dashboard => Pages => Home ).Built Home Page
  5. You can use Prebuilt layout also.(pages look like our demo site)

Using Full Width Slider

If you want to change Home Page slider to full width and intend to keep rest of the settings intact, here is how to change to Full Width Slider

Using Page Builder to create page

To completely rebuild page using page builder, follow these steps

If you do not want to retain your settings from free theme, then please follow one of 2 other methods to setup site.

  1. Start building site from Scratch
  2. Setup Demo like site with Dummy Content