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Using Home Options

Goto Dashboard => Theme Options => Home

This panel has few of options that change the way your site's home page looks

HomePage Setup

Please follow one of 2 other methods to setup Home page.

    Method 1

  1. Create Posts and Select Slider which category post slider you want to display in homepage.
  2. Enter number of slides to display on Home Page
  3. Create Pages and Select Service #1 from the dropdown page list.
  4. Select the page for Service #2
  5. Similarly Select the page for Service #3
  6. Enter number of recent post to display on the home page. Click Save & Publish.
    1. Method 2

      If you want to design homepage with help of pagebuilder. EnableUse pagebuilderoptions

    2. Enter Flexslider shortcode you want to use on home page. Setup Flex Slider
    3. Click Save Changes when you're done with settings