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Setting up site from scratch


  1. A fresh WordPress installation
  2. Activate Flaton Pro Theme
  3. Install required plugins: Redux Framework, Page Builder

Setting Up Home Page

  1. Setup Flex Slider
  2. Goto Dashboard => Theme Options => Home
    at bottom, you'll find Enter Flex Slider shortcode field. Paste Flex slider shortcode in it.
  3. Save Changes
  4. Goto Dashboard => Appearance => Home Page
  5. Click On
  6. Save Changes
  7. Now, your home page should look like our demo. Change as needed.

Doing it Manually (Hard Way!!)

  1. Goto Dashboard => Pages => Add New. Create a page with title 'Front Page'. Add another page titled 'Blog'

  2. Goto Dashboard => Settings => Reading
  3. Select A static page for 'Front page displays' option
  4. Select 'Front Page' as Front Page and Select 'Blog' as Posts Page option
  5. Save Changes
  6. Setup Flex Slider
  7. Paste Flex slider shortcode in'Enter Flex Slider shortcode' field.
  8. Save Changes.
  9. Now, goto Dashboard => Pages. Click on your home page to edit it.
  10. If you haven't learned already, Here is How to Use Page Builder
  11. Services Icon Section

    1. Use Gap Widget to create gap between slider and services section
    2. Use Text Widget to enter title
    3. Use <h3 class="tcenter widget-title">Services</h3>
    4. Use Shortcode Generator and create Tabs shortcode with your content. Below is the shortcode I've used on Demo. You can copy and paste it to Text Widget and edit to your needs
    5. [tabs_group type="center"]
      [tabs title="Research"]
      <div  class="fa fa-desktop"></div>
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      [tabs title="Usability"]
      <div  class="fa fa-heart"></div>
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      [tabs title="Design"]
      <div  class="fa fa-meh-o"></div>
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      [tabs title="Smart"]
      <div  class="fa fa-moon-o"></div>
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  12. Our Team Section

    1. Add a row with 4 columns
    2. Use Our Team Widget for each columns
  13. Why Choose FlatOn & Skills Section

    1. Add a row with 2 columns
    2. Add widget in 1st column. Use Text Widget
    3. Add Skills Widget in 2nd Column. Note: Before using Skills widget, you've to setup Skills using custom post type.
  14. Top Features Section

    1. Add a row with single column
    2. Add Text Widget to add title

      <h3 class="widget-title tcenter">Top Features</h3>

    3. Add a row with two columns and use Section Divider as visual style

    4. Add Images Widget in one column and Text Widget in another column
  15. Tab & Accordion Section
    1. Add a row with 2 columns
    2. Use Shortcode Generator to create Tab shortcode. Copy and Paste it in Text Widget
    3. Again, use shortcode generator to create Accordion Shortcode. Copy and Paste it in Text Widget
  16. Recent Projects Section
    1. Add a row and a column.
    2. Use Section Divider as visual style
    3. Use Recent Work Widget and select type Isotope
  17. Testimonials Section
    1. Add a row with one column
    2. Use Testimonials Widget
  18. Recent Work Section
    1. Add a row with one column
    2. Use Recent Work Widget and Select Type Carousel
  19. Update page to save changes