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Setting Up Demo Like Site

We're going to use dummy content to setup a site just like our demo

  1. Goto Dashboard => Theme Options => Import / Export

    1. Click on Import from file. Open theme_options_greenr_pro.json file that comes dummydata folder with theme folder in a text editor. Select all and copy it.
    2. Paste it in the textarea
    3. Click on Import
  2. All the theme options are set. Now, let us load the content
  3. Goto Dashboard => Tools => Import

  4. Click on WordPress

    1. Click on Browse Select greenrprodemo.xml that resides dummydata folder with theme folder
    2. Click Upload file and import

    1. Import author: venkat (venkat) or assign posts to an existing user Select your username
    2. Enable Download and import file attachments
    3. Click Submit
  5. Have Fun!

Further Settings

Now all content is there, but you still need to tweak some settings

  1. Goto Dashboard => Settings => Reading

  2. Select A static page for 'Front page displays' option
  3. Select 'Front Page' as Front Page and Select 'Blog' as Posts Page option
  4. Save Changes
  5. Goto Dashboard => Appearance => Menus. There will be 3 menus namely 'Main Menu', 'Pages', 'Shortcode menu'
  6. Currently it displays 'Main Menu', scroll down to bottom of menu where you can see 'Menu Settings', select 'Primary menu' and click on 'Save Menu'
  7. That's it. Now you've site just like our demo site