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Install Modulus Pro


  1. A WordPress installation
  2. Active Modulus Free theme

Upgrading Modulus Free to Pro Theme

  1. Download Plugin Zip File From My Account Tab
  2. Login to WordPress Dashboard
  3. Goto Dashboard => Plugins. And click on Add New

  4. Click on Upload Plugins

  5. Click on Choose File

  6. Browse and select the zip

  7. Click on Install Now

  8. Click on Activate link

  9. This Plugins requires following plugins. Click on Begin installing Plugins link

  10. install all required plugins.

    1. Click plugins(select all the plugins)
    2. Select install from the dropdown list
    3. Click Apply
  11. Goto Dashboard => Plugins => Installed Plugins

    Activate all require plugins

  12. We are yet to implement theme licensing system in our ecommerce system. So please ignore following message at the top of your Dashboard.