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Setting up site from scratch


  1. A fresh WordPress installation
  2. Activate Outliner Pro Theme and activate require plugins.

Setting Up Home Page

  1. Go to Dashboard => Pages => Add New
  2. Create 2 pages. e.g. Home Page and Blog
  3. Go to Dashboard => Settings => Reading

    1. Select 'A static page' option
    2. Select 'Home Page' from Front Page drop down menu
    3. Select 'Blog' from Posts Page drop down menu
  4. The above steps are Initial setup. If you want to additional pages, you just create page( Goto Dashboard => Pages => Addnew).
  5. Save Changes
  6. Design Home Page

    1. Setup Flex Slider
    2. Goto Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => Home
      Enter Flex Slider shortcode field. Paste Flex slider shortcode in it.
    3. Enable use pagebuilder option
    4. Save Changes
    5. Goto Home page ( Dashboard => Pages => Home ).Built Home Page
    6. You can use Prebuilt layout also.(pages look like our demo site)

    Design Flexslider in Page

    1. Setup Flex Slider
    2. Create page and Goto Pages => All Pages => Select page(which page you want show the flexslider)
      1. Paste Flex slider shortcode in Slider shortcode option..
      2. Select Page Full Width With Slider option from the Template dropdown list.
      3. Click Update

    Design Other Pages

    1. Create a page

      1. Goto Dashboard => Add New
      2. Enter the Page Title
      3. Goto Page Builder
      4. Click Publish
    2. Design Other Pages using Pagebuilder or Prebuilt Layout

    3. You can use Prebuilt layout(pages look like our demo site). If you want to different page design, you will design yourself with help of Page Builder
    4. Similarly create other pages with help of the pagebuilder.