Elegant Business Theme

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Customize Theme Option

Goto Goto Dashboard => Appearance => Customize


  1. Upgrade:

    Drag and Drop Page Builder support, Multiple Color scheme and more options available in Pro version.

    Upgrade Now.


  2. Site Tilte & Tagline:

    1. By default, the theme displays your site title (the one you set at Dashboard => Settings => General => Site Title) as site title. However, you can choose site title here.
    2. Site description or Tag line is the one that displays below site title. You can see your tag line here Dashboard => Settings => General => Tag Line. However, you can choose Tag line here.


  3. Colors:

    This widget is used to change the background color.


  4. Background Image:

    This widget is used to change the background image.


  5. Navigation:

    This widget is used to chage the header navigation.


  6. Widgets:

    You can see your Widgets here Dashboard => Appearance => Widgets. However, you can choose Widgets here.


  7. Static Front Page:

    You can see Static front page here Dashboard => Settings => Reading. However, you can choose static front page here.